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PinPin Nine 4 Pack


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Hello my fellow friends of snowboarding and hello friends of pinball,

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with top professional snowboarders as they create blockbuster snowboard films, or what it would be like to be a professional pinball player competing at the pinball world championships, or if you have ever been curious about what the heck PinPin is? Then this message is meant for you…

Pinball players need good pinball movies that do the sport of Pinball justice. Boring Pinball videos just don’t cut it. Pinball movies made by people that don’t even play pinball or even understand pinball, will simply not do.

For as long as I can remember snowboarders like myself have had to deal with run of the mill videos. Videos that are too expensive. Snowboard film watchers are Hungry for newly invented tricks, and never before seen stunts, but were unable to avoid the same old same old snowboard stuff. I know I have been in search of something better when it comes to snowboard movies…

something revolutionary..

Too many times, I have spent my own hard earned cash to see a new snowboard movie, only to end up wishing I would have just kept my cash. The point is I was so bummed in those times when I would spend $25.00 to $35.00 on a crappy disappointing shred video.

Many so called “pinball movie producers” do not know much about pinball, and do not share the same passion for the sport that the true pinball players and enthusiasts do, instead, they just want to cash in on the resurgence of pinball.

Pinball is an intense and exciting action packed sport, but many pinball videos fail to deliver those incredible moments that make pinball so electrifying. Like when you know you are playing a great game and you get that enhanced sensory feeling that you experience when you are deepin the pinball zone” and perfectly in tune with the flow of the game…

…This incredible feeling all too many times gets lost in translation to film. Many previously released pinball films are just no substitute for live play.

At the same time many snowboard films companies these days have huge pressure from sponsors to show specific riders performing particular tricks, and therefore lack creative freedom. In an attempt to be “different” these traditional snowboard films end up being, well, basically the same every season…

The really good snowboard videos end up costing way too much to be able to own because of all the red tape such as, advertising. middle men, and hassles of distribution companies that all want their cut of the profits…

I understand that even if you spend time searching for that revolutionary video, with newly invented tricks, or at least something better than the run of the mill junk, you are often disappointed.


I am going to show you what the most talented and innovative snowboarders in the universe can create with an award-winning visual feast for your eyes as they deliver the most creative and spectacular snowboard stunts.

When you watch the PinPin 9 Snowboard Film you will see things done on a snowboard that have never been done before. You will know what it is like to take a trip to the back country with top professional snowboarders.

You will find true inspiration, discover new ideas, and learn what is now possible in the sport of snowboarding.

Did you ever wonder where some of the new snowboard tricks come from? As in, who actually invented new moves or ideas when it comes to snowboarding? Many of the new tricks and new ideas that you see in today’s major industry films can be traced back to the PinPin snowboard films, as the PinPin Crew has always been way ahead of their time and provided inspiration to many generations of snowboarders.

I will also bring you more exposure to the infamous PinPin snowboard team. The PinPin Team has been seen numerous times on many major networks such as MTV, Fox Sports, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Resort Sports Network, and ESPN just to name a few. This crew is incredible. The PinPin snowboarders have also been featured in films produced by Mack Dogg, Somnabulance Productions like “Fuel the Fire” and “Catalyst” . Role Model Productions and Suco Productions.

…Pinball players…

I will show you what is like to feel that the adrenaline pump through your veins, as you battle for the title of world champion pinball player against the world’s top players. These pinball pros have reaction times that are so fast they would put any quick draw wild west gunslinger to shame. I will take you behind the scenes and deliver exclusive interviews with the folks you need to get to know in the world of pinball.

What would it be like if you could play a pinball game for hours and not drain the ball? You can experience what it is like to qualify for the finals at major pinball tournaments like PAPA. You will be able to see what the buzz is all about when it comes to the yearly event of the PinPin Las Vegas Pinball Tournament as we take you to “The 2nd Annual PinPin Plunge off Anti Drain Fest” at Tim Arnold’s Pinball Hall of Fame.

You’ll get an all access pass to join the adventures of myself, and fellow film producer Ffej Knar, as we bring you the very best up close and personal behind-the-scenes action of real pinball wizards that have been featured in hollywood blockbuster pinball documentaries such as “Special when Lit” .

Snowboarders, Imagine this Scenario:

You are searching around the internet and YouTube for “amazing snowboard videos”. You find all kinds of boring crap from some weekend warrior’s trip to their local mountain. You decide to refine your key word search to “New Snowboard Tricks” and unfortunately you find the same old tricks from years ago that you have already seen again and again.

But this time while you are surfing the web for snowboarding videos, searching for something better, you find Trailer Tom’s PinPin Snowboard Films and you instantly see something done on a snowboard that you never thought possible…

Further investigation leads you to find even more unique stunts performed by the amazing PinPin snowboard Team. You find all kinds of golden nugget snowboarding film clips that are all organized in one place for you to access with the greatest of ease, and its all presented to you in a fun and exciting manner. You feel totally refreshed!

Pinballers, Imagine this Scenario:

You find a new local pinball machine in your area, plunk some of your hard earned money in the form of quarters in to the game and start playing pinball. You get “in the zone”, you are having a blast, hitting jackpots and super jackpots and surely you have the new high score on the machine.

At the end of ball 3 you collect your end of ball bonus, and your final score is calculated by the machine. Sadly, your score is not a high score. In fact you do not even have enough points to earn a free game, the machine does not ask for your initials, and your score was not even in the top 4. Whaaat? Bummer.

You discover that the highest score on the machine was over a BILLION points higher than your score, and the high score was achieved by some pinball wizard with the initials R.J.S. The game flashes “Grand Campion RJS” in bright lights across the display.

If only you could talk to R.J.S. you could ask R.J.S how the insanely high score was achieved on the machine. You could possibly find out what R.J.S. did differently or better than you did.

You play a few more games on the machine, with the same results. None of your scores qualify for the leader board.

You are thinking “How in the world did R.J.S score Billions of points on this game?

I began working on the PinPin 9 films in the summer of 2009, because I knew PinPin 9 had to “one up” all of the previous snowboarding and pinball films that I have produced thus far. I knew that the progression of players and snowboarders was advancing so rapidly, that it was going to take me a lot of time to edit all the greatest shots I had captured on tape down to only the most entertaining and unique clips.

Before I reveal to you the most awesome ensemble of video surrounding these sports that has ever been collected in a film series, let me tell you a story about why I wanted so badly to bring you this 4 part collection of amazingly epic proportions.

I began this film project because my close group of friends, who are also my team of snowboarders and pinball players, knew that the activities we were doing were being talked about in the back rooms of the pinball halls, discussed in the nightclubs and bars of ski resort towns, and we knew we had to deliver the adventures we were embarking on in a very special video format. So we created a 4 part movie package so that you will enjoy and experience the same things that we enjoy and experience.

The people we met along the creation of this project, are very memorable characters. I’m talking really unique and talented individuals that opened up our eyes and gave us all new perspectives.

The things we were seeing and experiencing were so inspiring that we had a strong feeling the possibilities were endless. We recognized the things we were finding and learning were very cutting-edge.

You see, our crew has deep roots in the areas professional snowboarding and pinball, and we have recently discovered some incredible secrets of these subcultures that we feel we just have to share with you.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about…

Seriously, have you ever seen anything like THAT before?

That kind of thing is just a quick sample of the four films that we have created. A small taste of what you can have more of. In this film project, our group of snowboarders and pinball players held nothing back to create this masterpiece 4 film package.

The sample video above was just a few shots from one scene from each of the 4 films and featured just one trick in the PinPin 9 snowboard film, one character who we met on pinball tour during the filming of our PinPin 9 pinball movie, rookie sensation Robert Gagno as he compete’s for the Pinball world championships in the classics division, and 30 seconds of crashes from the 20 minute compilation of snowboarding wrecks. Crashes that resulted in, time spent at the hospital under the surgical knife, or at very least some serious time on the mend in the hurt locker, hot tub, recovery couch, and sick bay. No joke.

I decided that I would collect all the most magical snowboard tricks and film clips that I possibly could, Talk to the top pinball pros in the pinball industry, include only the most entertaining pinball action, and only those very most gnarly crashes and wipeouts for this project, and edit them all up and then package them into four videos and make them all available to you right here in one place.

The PinPin Snowboard Films are produced by a group of friends that film what they want to film, and show what they want to show in the final version of the movie. There is no corporate business owner that has a say in what riders or products should or should not be in the final cut of each film. There is no script that must be followed. No political garbage that gets in the way of creativity in the PinPin movies.

Because of this philosophy, our PinPin crew has become known for our creativity, and never before seen tricks and stunts.

The PinPin Pinball Films are produced by a group pinball players that really know pinball inside and out. They have a deep passion for the sport of pinball and the players involved as well as artists, designers, operators and tournament directors that surround the wonderful pastime that is pinball.

You never know what you are going to see in a pinball film produced by this PinPin pinball crew, but you know it will be presented in a way that is super exciting and fun. Even if you are unable to attend a pinball event, the PinPin coverage of the event will make you feel like you were actually at the tournament with a front row VIP ticket to all the biggest action.

You will be able to inhale the crisp mountain air of our backcountry snowboarding adventures that are often above 10,000 feet in elevation, cringe at the smell of burnt electronics in the heat of battle at the pinball halls as the flippers heat up during intense multiball play, and hear the impact when snowboarders bodies collide with concrete, metal, cars, other people and even trees. Ouch.

The PinPin 9 film collection will enable you to enjoy hours of the most radical mix of snowboarding, pinballing, and crashing, without even having to travel to the cold slopes, wander into the sketchy truck stops or poorly lit bars, in search of that one special pinball machine you played as as a child, or spend hours of sleepless nights healing from that brutal spill that you took when you were trying to land the best trick at the rail jam competition.

You will get over 2 hours of film footage that will instantly transport you from the highest in pinball tournament glory, to the deepest powder available on planet Earth, you will be saying “ooooOOOooooohhhh” when you are witnessing these poor snowboarders when they crash hard and turn themselves into smash-burgers.

I am super stoked and proud to present the PinPin Nine Snowboard and Pinball movie collection, because after you watch even just the first 60 seconds of any these movies, I guarantee you will be stunned and even mesmerized to the point of no return until the last frame of the credits in each of the 4 films. You will have never seen anything like this before. Ever!

This project has literally been over two years in the editing room, and over 10 hard working years in the making. Our team of editors has spent countless hours and many sleepless nights surviving on nothing but pizza and Mountain Dew to make sure that only the very best and most entertaining clips were selected, and then those clips were presented in the most entertaining fashion, so that you could enjoy it all.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

But you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch what these folks have to say about the PinPin movies…

Here are even more Testimonials to the Awesomeness of the PinPin Films..

The following video samples on this page are just an appetizer for this gourmet four-course meal that I am about to serve to you.

This Excellent PinPin Nine epic 4 pack includes…

PinPin 9 is the greatest of all PinPin Snowboard films by far because the criteria for every shot in this snowboard film was that it must have captured something that is somehow very rare, unusual, unique or amazing, and if a shot did not meet these high standards, it immediately was left out of the film on the cutting room floor. The final result of this special editing criteria is a spectacular sight to behold indeed.

Packed full of top pinball action moments from the biggest and most exciting pinball events. A special pinball claymation animation sequence. Exclusive interviews with must get to know pinball wizards including: Donavan Stepp, Adam Leffkoff, Zen and Zane, Brian Dominy, Basil Leblanc, Adam Higgings, Molly Atkinson, Jason Werdrick, Mike Mahaffey, Steve Trujillo, Troy Wells, Kevin Neale, Andrei Massenkoff, Steve Walker, Jenn Peavler, Mateo Leyba, Derek Fugate, Breanne Topper, Mitch Roth and Jordan Bebout, just to name a few.

Every pro snowboarder falls. When these guys fall, they fall hard. This film contains the worlds most insane snowboard crashes. Strap yourself in for this rapid fire fast paced smash crash bash!

Insane snowboarders flying down the hill at over 50 miles per hour and slamming into ice, rocks, metal rails, dirt, buildings, stairs, other snowboarders and of of course snow.

Featuring the top highlights of the most massive crashes that we ever experienced. This film will keep you on your toes. You have to see this film if you like crashes. It has wrecks from snowboard contests where snowboarders are pushing their own limits too far in a desperate attempt to win it big.

You will feel the impact of the hardest hits, hear the slams of those death gap attempts where the rider comes up short, and see the results of the worst possible timing for an edge catch.

Remember our crew has performed multiple very successful stunts, but some of those stunts were not so successful. When the good stunts went bad, we were there to capture those times on film too. This video has over 100 clips of snowboarders eating it big time. This is not one of those videos like you see on TV that shows the same clip over and over in slow motion.

Don’t worry there is no lame narrater talking about each clip.

I’m talking non stop, hair raising, over the top destruction. This video is fast paced. This is a collection of the wildest smashes and wipeouts that were the most spectacular smashes and wipeouts we compiled over a 15 year time period filming this seriously deadly sport. . Watch the mayhem unfold during the most intense heart stopping moments that shake the earth. This video runs for over 20 minutes in length!

In 2011 an intense battle took place in Pennsylvania at the PAPA World Headquarters. The best pinball players in the world gathered to compete on the older games for the title of “World Pinball Classics Champion”. This classics event takes place on vintage pinball machines. Classic games.

PinPin Film producer and editor Ffej Knar takes on the role of Executive producer in this film that covers this amazing event PinPin style. Ffej’s unique vision included the concept of capturing the classics tournament using classic story documentation techniques including capturing audio using an old analog tape voice recorder as used by the old classic news press folks.

An incredible performance by rookie sensation Robert Gagno a canadian pinball master that has only been competing professionally for a couple of years.

I have personally incurred many costs to bring you these PinPin films in a few main categories.

1) Financial – I have personally spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to create the PinPin 9 four pack. My crew members did the same. My self and my crew had massive travel expenses, we paid lots of cash to buy all the stuff necessary to bring you a film series like this including, cameras, lights, sound equipment, editing software, computers, lift tickets, airline tickets, etc.

2) Time – Time is money. I have literally spent thousands upon thousands of hours in the editing room and me and my crew have spent endless hours filming for you.

3) Emotional/Physical – We have sacrificed our bodies to bring you our kamikaze daredevil stunt footage. We have experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at the top professional competitions. Medical expenses were outrageous as the crash video alone required multiple trips to the emergency room each and every year of filming the sport of snowboarding.

You see, lots of snowboard films are created and released each season, and good pinball videos are a rare commodity. Crash sections in most snowboard DVDs are usually 2 to 5 minutes of the previous seasons bloopers. But THIS is a collection of years and years worth of gathered footage from the very harshest snowboarder crashes that were witnessed by our crew over all our years snowboarding.

The point is, I have already spent the money, time and effort, so that you don’t have too!

I will not charge you anywhere near the costs I incurred to gather all the content for this project.

You know, $19.00 is not even one tenth of 1% of what I spent to bring this all too you.

You can barely even buy lunch at the ski resorts for $19.00 anymore! You can easily spend $19.00 or more on one single trip to a crappy fast food joint, mailing something at the postoffice, a few gallons of gas for your car, a trip to a fancy coffee shop with your friends, parking downtown, a few bottles of water, a couple of magazines. Stuff that is used once and gone in an instant.

Why not invest the money to enjoy HOURS of non-stop entertainment that you can own and watch again and again anytime you like.

I wish I had been able to have had the opportunity to get my hands on something like the PinPin 9 films when I was searching for entertainment like this. For me, this kind of entertainment was just no where to be found, and so, I had to create it myself! Believe me, it would have at least saved me lots of time and broken bones if something like this had been available for me.

You might be asking why I am basically giving these films away. The answer is simple. I want you to be able to come along for the ride and witness the wonderful and unimaginable experiences that my crew has worked so hard to deliver to you. I want you to share these fun times and memories with me and my crew.

Plus I want you to get to know me better. I want you to know all the people involved in the PinPin series on a more personal level. This snowboard and pinball crew is very talented to say the least, and I know your life would be better if you got to know them like I have. My team has embedded our love and energy for our favorite sports in these videos and you will become empowered and feel it all as you watch.

You will spend time with snowboard legends like, Brent Meyer, Ryan Knapton, Nate Dogggg, Chad Otterstrom, Mark Nenninger, Meesh Hytner, and Jeff Meyer.

You will hang with Pinball superstars such as, Ffej Knar, Donavan Stepp, Mateo Leyba, Koi Morris, and even 2011 World Pinball Champion Andrei Massenkoff just to name a few.

You will be stoked on what you see when you watch these films or I will guarantee you your money back. No questions asked.

I am going to give you the two bonus films worth at very least $48.00 when you order the PinPin 9 film package deal today. I made my last film project “PinPin Zero Dollars” only available for a few months, and PinPin 9 is no different. In other words I can and will take down this limited time offer at any moment, so get it today while you still can.

Seriously, don’t miss your chance!

Here is more detail about the complete package you will get…

Total length of the PinPin 9 snowboard film, and the PinPin 9 pinball film combined = 91 minutes

Total length of the bonus material Snowboard Crash Film and PAPA 14 Classics Film= 54 minutes and 13 seconds

For a grand total of: 145 MINUTES AND 13 SECONDS of royal entertainment.

I know you may think that these films may not be as great as they sound because I am offering them at such a rock bottom price. I understand this feeling. I feel the same way when I see videos for sale for less than $20.00

That is why I will send you your money back if you do not love what you find in these films. I am offering a 100% risk free 30 Day guarantee.

I personally guarantee that if you are not entertained by the best 2+ hours of snowboard clips, pinball action and insanely devastating crashes, then let me know within 30 days of your investment and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund right away. No questions asked, no hassle.

I feel this is as fair as possible if you invest your hard earned cash and valuable time with what me and my crew has produced.

You can watch the entire PinPin 9 four film pack at MY own risk. Check it out and see if you love it as much as I think you will or not. I am very confidant that you will totally enjoy these movies because the PinPin customers satisfaction rating is 100%.

You could go online, waste your time and waste your money trying to find videos like these, but I would not have spent so much time, effort and I would not have sacrificed so much and taken on so much risk if I was not honestly confident that you will be completely entertained.

As soon as you push the “add to cart” button, you will be able to access all of the PinPin 9 films and the bonus material movies immediately. You will be able to download and save these movies to your computer so that you can own them and watch them whenever you want. You can also watch the films in online streaming video format just like you would watch any YouTube video.

The choice is yours.

Do not miss this opportunity. Order right now before I take down this webpage. Be prepared to be hypnotized at what you will be watching… The last film project I did was called “PinPin Zero Dollars” and it was only available online for a few months. Copies of “PinPin Zero Dollars” on DVD were gone in only a few days.

PinPin 9 will also be Limited Edition. I am not kidding! Order right now.


Trailer Tom and The PinPin Team

P.S. I reserve the right to raise the Price of the PinPin 9 series based on demand. Get yours while the price is still only $19.00. I also reserve the right to sell each PinPin 9 film separately, and the bonus material movies separately whenever I feel like it. I have sold my films individually in the past so invest in this 4 pack while the offer is still on the table.

P.P.S. Imagine being transported into the middle of the final round of the biggest pinball tournament in the world or getting ready to hit the biggest snowboard jump you have ever seen in your life, well you can do these things when you hang with the most awesome people these pastimes have to offer and share in their PASSION for these sports. These films will do all this and more and you know you are backed by my 100% money back 30 day guarantee. So order right now.


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