All Girls Pinball and Snowboarding Video

PinPin 10 La Femme


Product Description

PinPin Films presents an all girls pinball movie and an all girls snowboard movie!

You’re going to watch the ladies of snowboarding rip up the snow in true PinPin style, and be introduced to the talent of some snowboard ladies that you may have never heard of yet, but need to get to know. Women’s pinball is on the rise, and PinPin hosted a ‘Women’s only’ pinball tournament in Las vegas with the grand praise a being a NIB Stern Pinball Machine.

Hello snowboarding film and pinball movie fans,

If you feel that it would be great to experience an all girl pinball tournament, or hang with some of the most awesome snowboarder ladies around, as they shred the resorts of Colorado and California, Then these movies are for you…

There is a shortage of tournaments or events that are dedicated to the ladies of the sports of pinball and snowboarding, there are simply not enough films that have have been made that feature only the women shredders and only women pinballers.

Until now, an all women’s pinball film has been non existent. Until now, finding an all women’s pinball tournament has been very very rare indeed.

The world of snowboard videos is dominated primarily by videos that feature the men shredding. Not enough snowboard videos cater exclusively to the women in the sport of snowboarding.


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